Sunday, December 28, 2014

David H. Hunt, aka Papi (Papology).   His heritage, backwoods country born,  Melungeon Indian of Eastern Tennessee. (US Veteran)  and member of the “Big Horn Mountain Men”, who travel throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Montana recreating the mountain man period, 1800-1840, reenact James Beckwourth 1st black chief of the Crow nation.  David attended Santa Monica College for Arts and Entertainment Technology Santa Monica California.  Background work includes Theatrical Arts, Video and Sound Editing (Final Cut Pro and Pro-tools).  David has worked in marketing, advertising, sales and promotion, representing major corporations at trade shows, conventions, and various business functions.

David recently returned from Adult Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama .  As a Space flight adventurer has joined the Space Academy ambassadorship team.   David received his certificate in recognition of completing the requirements for U.S. SPACE ACADEMY involving an intense curriculum in space exploration, aerospace technology, leadership and team building skills, as applied to this nation’s space and rockery programs.  

David worked as an educational tour guide at Knott’s Berry Farm.
A national and international tour guide, that recently returned from Shanghai China 2006- through the World Expo 2010.  In the past, Worked 15 years as a tour guide 1998-2014 for Star-Line Tours of Hollywood, CDL class B passenger endorsed and presented a one man theatrical show.  Presently work for La guide for a 4½ Hour tour of Los Angeles and has written, edited, and narrated the Los Angeles Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tour its grand Opening in August 2014 .  

David uses his creative license for his books and plays written over the years.  Entertains on factual content (News) about Los Angeles, and the Hollywood movie community, with American humor, (vessel of opportunity) provided we can laugh at ourselves with the fullness of appreciation, an appetite for life.

As a tour guide, David continues his citizen journalism shares his photographs, written word and DVD “Hooray for Hollywood”.  It’s a memorable look you share with friends back home about your adventures of discovery here in Hollywood (City of the Angels).   

In the past David obtained support for a creative cultural arts and crime prevention program for gang children who capitalized on their talent as the “New Horizons” (a Pepsi sponsored, and corporate-sponsored promotional performing arts roller skating team.       
David worked for NBC Studios, dept of studio engineering as a cameraman in Burbank California, and various cable outlets throughout Los Angeles as a studio engineer - camera, audio, remote locations, staging/props, lighting, floor manager, graphics, assistant to the director, and director. 

David/Papi produced his own talk/variety show entitled "All around Town", overseeing financing, writing, art design, and talent.
Actor, singer, dancer in the rock musicals of “Hair” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” Broadway and Universal Studios.  Road Mgr. for Ben Vereen, a well known entertainer.  David wrote two plays:  “Hooked Special Delivery” and “Funny How We Look at Each Other”, produced by La Mamma Theatre in Los Angeles.   Production assistant for Personal Creations for the 2007 Super Bowl half time entertainment with “Prince”

Dec 2011 returned from a sail on “The Lady Washington”, replica of the original ship built during the 1750’s as a member of the rigging crew.  Portrayed “Crispus Attucks” a sailor, one of the five men shot during the Historic Boston Massacre of March 5th 1770.  Ship board programs that will bring history to life on an adventure of discovery that educate, excite, inspire and empower.  Shipboard programs include Life of a Sailor, Navigation, history of trade and exploring expeditions connecting our established education message with dynamic participatory experience. “The Lady” was showcased in “Star Trek Generations” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  It empowered me to continuing my education.

David’s entrepreneurial goal is to create a styled empire that produces, develops, markets, and obtains distribution for several products: 
·        Personally designed illustrated and photographed tee shirts

·        In the past, Pappy 'N Son's World Famous Bar-B-Q- Sauce", a niche market specialty food/Vons/Pavilions stores throughout Calif. and Nevada.
·        Treasure Hunts” Body Lotion made with shea butter

·        Book written & photographed along with a DVD about
Los Angeles entitled “Hooray for Hollywood,” self-published. 

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